Our Favourite Instagrammers
Tea With Ruby

This week our favourite instagrammer is @teawithruby. Jane's beautiful gallery is full of cool colours, simple objects and lovely interior shots. We are such a fan of her photography and each one of her posts on Instagram inspires us with the style and composition. 

 Jane also has a wonderful blog where she shares stories of her interior inspirations, pretty things she's found and really interesting content that is always pleasure to read! I really recommend heading over there once you've read our chat! 

Enjoy our interview with Jane below and read where she gets her inspiration from, her motto and who she's loving on Instagram!



1.     Describe your style in 5 words

Authentic, simple, strong, eclectic, natural.


2.    What are the tools you use to create your feed?

I take the majority of my images using an iPhone 6 as it's quick, easy and I don't really go anywhere with out my phone.  I use vscocam to edit as the tools they have work perfectly for the look I want at the moment.   

3.    Who or what inspires you?

On a personal level my daughter Ruby, she is so full of life and wonder and is great inspiration to me every day. Professionally I think tools such as instagram and pinterest give you inspiration fixes every day, you get to connect with like minded folk and its fabulous to see such talent. Also I adore interior design books and the authors behind them the likes of Hans Blomquist, Emily Henson and Hilary Robertson.

4.    If you had an extra hour in the day what would you do?

To be able to curl up with a book for that extra hour would be marvellous, I find that when I get the chance I normally fall asleep!

5.    What is your personal motto?

Be true to yourself and everything will work out fine

6.    Who else should we follow on instagram? Who's your top three?

My top three instagrammers at the moment are @owl_emma, @home_and_roam, @marienichols, all three have a simple beauty to their feeds. Also I like the stories they weave, from ethical living, store owning, boat restoring, uber stylish stylist and mother.  All unique and inspirational in every way.


Thank you so much Jane, really appreciate your time and now everyone should go and follow @teawithruby for wonderfully simple and delightful photography!

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