Perfect Wedding Gifts - For the Bridesmaids

Whether you're getting married or know someone who is, then we have compiled a selection of beautifully designed, high quality gifts that will be perfect for the whole Wedding Party! For the bride to the newlyweds, we've got what you're looking for!
Looking for gorgeous gifts to give to your Bridesmaid’s on the big day?
Then our Numbered Candle Collection might just do the trick, with unique scents that you can match to your Bridesmaid’s individual personalities and charm! These beautiful scents will always remind them of your special Wedding day whenever they light them.
With 6 unique and interesting scents, you can carefully select a special scent for each one of your Bridesmaids.
Exotic, sharp and fresh
Warming, floral and earthy
Juicy, spiced and welcoming
Luxurious, sweet and zesty
Bright, refreshing and light
Soft, chic and aromatic
 Any of those sound like qualities of someone you know?!
Bridesmaids are a wonderful support to the Bride on the day, from making sure her hair is all in place, that no make up is out of place to making sure that the dress sits perfectly! 
For this, they need to have all the essentials at hand, so what about some lovely make up bags? From our make up bag with our stylish and signature print featuring all our favourite dog breeds to the nautical themed Navy stripe, these will definitely come in handy!

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