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Behind the scenes!
Caption Bertie in a Crown for the Queen's 90th

To celebrate another weekend of the Queen's 90th Birthday, we have put our favourite muse and unofficial mascot in front of the camera in a crown! 
As well behaved Bertie was for the shoot, it did take a few times to make sure the little paper crown fitted perfectly on his head! So we thought we'd share a few behind the scenes photos!
We think he rather enjoyed wearing the crown, but what do you think? Head over to Facebook to tell us what you think the Prince of Plum & Ashby is thinking! We will then choose a favourite caption and a lucky winner will win a very special treat from us!
Here's the image again as a reminder!
We've thought up a few silly captions in the office, just to get you started...!
"Can I go for a nap yet?"
 "Yes, I know, I'm adorable."
"The longer I sit here, the more treats I'm going to get and more attention I'll get."
"Who's idea was this?"
Jun 11, 2016

I wonder if Kate Moss and Cara Delavigne get paid in sausages too.

Margaret Hall
Jun 09, 2016

That’s what happens when a fellow like me
brings so much glitter and charm all
the way around.

Maria Cristina Ribeiro Conde

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