Plum & Ashby

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Working with the amazing photographer Sarah Griggs, we arrived at Narborough Hall on a cold November evening. It was pitch black by the time we arrived, so we abandoned the van and settled into the lovely woodshed (our accommodation within the grounds) with a log fire and yummy supper. It wasn’t until the morning that we were really able to appreciate the beauty and vastness of the wonderful Narborough Hall.

We had two days to shoot the entire collection, so we quickly set about unpacking the van and were given a guided tour around the house, outbuildings and magical English gardens. There were so many amazing settings that we were spoilt for choice.

We started in the house and focused on the Spun & Woven collection. The beautiful panelling and muted paint colours really complimented the cushions and throws.

Next stop was the old stables and groom’s house. The soft natural light and wonderful original brick floor was the perfect setting for our Cook Shop range and our Bertie Print Dog Beds.With a little bit of cheese Bertie was the perfect model!

Finally we found ourselves in the snug cafe the Hall uses when the gardens are open to the public. We used a lovely scrubbed pine table to shoot the Leather Goods and Apothecary.

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