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What's that smell? Our new diffuser collection!

We’re so excited about the launch of our first range of diffusers here in the office! We’ve been trying to decide what our favourite scent is ever since we launched our candle collection, and as the scents match our vintage styled numbering system, it’s only re-sparked the argument!

Vicky’s favourite has to be the timeless classic fig scent, whilst Beth enjoys the warmth from the Honey and Amber. Mine, on the other hand, has to be Orange and Grapefruit; I like the fresh fruity fragrance.

So which one will be yours? We’ve put together a scent guide to help you, so hopefully we will end this argument once and for all!

Green Fig – We use figs from the exotic Eastern climes of the Mediterranean, where they are sundrenched throughout the year. We’ve then mixed it with woody and green notes, typical of the regions where the figs are grown.

Tea & Passionfruit – One of our office staple drinks inspired this one! We infuse fresh green tea with sweet and ripe passionfruit, to create a subtle mellow fragrance, which has a tantalizing sweetness waving through.

Pomegranate – Taking one of unsung heroes of the fruit world, we’ve contrasted the rich juicy scent with amber and woody base notes. These opposing fragrances create a succulent yet calming bouquet.

Honey & Amber – When honey and amber aromas are blended with woody, vanilla essence and citrus notes, it instantly becomes a classic go to all rounder. We love the fact this scent can be placed in any room, in any house and bring a homely feel.

Orange & Grapefruit – if you are a fruity fan, this one is for you (or me!) The sweet orange is complemented with zesty grapefruit making it a bowl of fun.

Hannah x

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