Wool Week: 6th-12th October

Here at Plum & Ashby, we love wool and today marks the start of Wool Week, running from the 6th – 12th October! Now in it’s fifth year, Wool Week celebrates all that is great with the wool industry and creates awareness surrounding the versatility and beauty of wool as a material.

For us, wool makes the perfect material because it’s natural, renewable and biodegradable, along with the fact it is super-soft, warm and undisputedly beautiful. It also allows us to work with a great of bunch of lady knitters in Devon!

Responsible for hand-knitting our Terrier cushions and animal tail key-rings, these lovely ladies knit whilst drinking tea and chatting with each other – it’s the perfect way to work we think!

To celebrate and back The Campaign for Wool, we’ve decided to launch #woolywoof and hope you and your dog get involved over on our social media pages. Bertie has already been spotted wearing his wool scarf in support, what can your woofer model? Upload to our Facebook or Tweet us using #woolywoof!


Head across to www.campaignforwool.org to find out more about The Campaign for Wool and Wool Week, including the workshop programme.

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