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Keep snug this Autumn

With the colder weather on the way, we wanted to give you our top tips on how to stay snug.

Wrap Up!

Layers are key in keeping warm – it’s a simple equation, the more layers you wear the warmer you are. If you look a bit like the Michelin Man (you’re doing it right!) and can’t add another piece of clothing, we recommend snuggling up under a woollen blanket!

Eat & Drink Well!

In the colder months we think one of the best ways to keep warm is with a humble cuppa. Instantly warming, you can start to feel better in no time at all! We also think it excuses the occasional biscuit or slice of cake, well that’s what we tell ourselves anyway! Our ceramic mugs sit perfectly in hands, to warm chilly fingers.

Hot Water Bottles!

The key with reaping the rewards from the classic hot water bottle is planning. Place it into your bed before you get in, we try to put it in 30 mins before, and then when you get in you’re already toasty. If your toes still need that extra bit of warmth, maybe try some thick socks made from either fleece or wool.

Have a soak!

Take some time for yourself and get into the bath for a relaxing soak. By adding salts or bubbles to the water, muscles relax and the daily stresses drift away, making it the ideal end to the day and an easy way to get warm quickly.

We hope this will hopefully take some of the chill out of winter! If you have any top tips to share, please feel free to comment below.


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