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Making our lovable ceramic bertie

It seems we’re not the only ones who have fallen in love with our Ceramic Bertie!

After getting a lot of love on social media, it seems the press also love the new Bertie with Homes & Gardens featuring it in their Christmas Gift Guide! We wanted to tell you about the journey we went through in able to bring you a mini model of our favourite character!

The process started about 8 months ago, with Beth our lovely product developer, creating the concept. Beth knew she wanted to work with someone who could capture Bertie’s character and charm and that’s when she started hunting for the perfect maker!

Two months later, after endless failed Google searches, phone calls and emails to people up and down the country, Beth met Alex.

Alex loved the idea and started to work on the original Bertie model trying to capture his cheeky nature. Over the next month we ended up with three Bertie’s each slightly different from the next, we would have had 5 but one ended up lost in the post and the other blew up in the kiln!

With the three we had in the office, we all voted and decided on our favourite model comparing each one to the real Bertie. From this Alex created a mould and this started the basis of our Ceramic Bertie production (only 5 months into the project!)

After coming out the kiln, each Bertie is then hand painted and glazed, making each one slightly different to the next!

We hope you love them as much as we do!

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