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Take a moment to relax this January

Here at Plum & Ashby we look for any excuse to get into a hot bath, hide from the cold weather outside and just take a moment to relax.

With this in mind – we are declaring January our relaxing, detoxing month and aim to make sure this resolution the only one we stick to (we’ve already had chocolate…sorry!) so here’s our top tips to help you relax and join us!

Tip 1: Everyone needs a break, so why should you be any different? Time out can really help de-stress from a hard day at work, take a moment to re-access situations or simply get you ready for bed.

A hot soak in the bath using our Lavender Bath Salts helps both detoxify the skin and switching off, making it the perfect before you go to bed activity.

Tip 2: Create an area to call your own and make it your little zen. Add some fresh flowers, light a Honey & Amber Candle and grab a book (and perhaps some chocolate!)

By creating a space, once you go there, you know it’s ‘you’ time and this is where you relax. Your mind instantly starts to unwind and if you are reading a good book, you can be transported into another world.

Tip 3: Fill your house with calm, by adding a soothing fragrance like our Green Fig Diffuser. By using a diffuser, the process is simple! Just place the diffuser in a high traffic area, for example a table in the hall way or windowsill, so every time you open the door you are instantly greeted.

Tip 4: Get into a care routine before bed! Lather up in our Lavender & Olive lotion or Rosemary & Plum, just before you get ready to sleep and this little caring method not only makes you feel better, it also prepares you for the wind down.

Now go… relax!

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