Perfect Pancakes - our simple tasty recipe!

Tuesday 17th Feb = pancakes pancakes pancakes!

Quick, simple and filling, we think that they are pretty darn good (especially when filled with chocolate and strawberries)!

So here is our fool proof, perfect pancake recipe and our top topping ideas – we suggest putting on a Bertie Apron before you start whisking though!


100g of plain flour // 2 eggs // 300ml of semi-skimmed milk // 1 tbsp of oil (sunflower or vegetable) + more for frying // pinch of salt – this serves 8.


1. Together in a large bowl, our hand-thrown ceramic bowl is the perfect size, combine the flour and salt together. Create a well in the middle of the bowl and crack both eggs in, add the tbsp of oil and 50ml of milk and start to whisk all the ingredients together, making sure all the flour is combined.

2. Slowly start adding the last ml’s of milk, pouring it in at a constant speed whilst whisking. By adding the milk in this way, the batter will become silky smooth. Once all the milk is added, the batter should have the same consistency of single cream.

3. Transfer the mixture into a sizeable jug, to make pouring easier. Make sure your pan is on a moderate heat, with a little bit of oil wiped around on kitchen roll, and pour the batter directly in. Leave the batter for a good 30 seconds before you disturb, you should start to see little bubbles appearing.

4. Once the batter has started to set, you’re ready to flip (probably the best bit!) If you’re anything like us, make sure you have some space around you before you attempt to flip. Loosen the pancake with a fish slice, grab the pan handle in two hands and go for it! Do this as many times as you like before placing on a plate and eating! Finish the rest of the batter in the same way.

Now for the top toppings! Why not try the following, served in our ceramic pot

Lemon & Sugar //  Nutella & Strawberries // Maple Syrup & Bacon // Greek Yoghurt & Blueberries // Banana & Caramel Sauce



[Image courtesy of the Olney Pancake Race]

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