Plum & Ashby

We're the Not Another Bill surprise!

It seems that this month has been filled with secrets... so here's another we can finally share!

We've collaborated with Not Another Bill who deliver a fab monthly surprise in the post bringing, cheer through the letterbox instead of junk, bills and unwanted mail, in the form of a new collaboration with designers and makers.

We love the idea of bringing the good old fashioned feeling of getting something through the post box, instead of a ping via email, so we we're honoured to get involved on this fun and exciting project!

For our exclusive gift, we wanted to create something both functional and beautiful, and decided to create this useful pouch.


Of course it wouldn't be true Plum & Ashby without a hint of leather and luxurious cotton. This time we have slightly waxed it to help with waterproofing and to make it more durable.

We'd love to hear how you'd use it as we didn't want to give it an end use, how about:

Cables, chargers and camera lenses?
Bottles, lotions and potions?
Passport, boarding passes and currency?
Let us know below in the comments!
So if you're looking for something a little different in the post each month, we think Not Another Bill is a great option whether it's a subscription for a gift for a friend or for yourself - let the postman deliver something nice for once!

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