Plum & Ashby

Frying pans at the ready...!

With just a week to go before we all don our aprons, get out the mixing bowls and prepare the ceilings for some eager pancake tossing, we thought we’d share some of our favourite pancake toppings here at Plum & Ashby. 

Firstly, to Alice, who is going to keep it nice and simple this year and go for the classic fresh lemon juice and sugar topping. Agreeing that sometimes there’s no need to make it more complicated!

“It has to be nutella!” Freya exclaims, layering lots of the chocolately goodness on a warm pancake is a winning combination for those with a sweet tooth. Freya did also suggest an interesting alternative of cinnamon and apple slices, which does sound delicious!

Vicky likes to load her pancakes with lashings of maple syrup and says it has to be 100% pure, nothing else will do!

For me, as someone who prefers savoury treats, I will go for a weird but wonderful grouping of jam and cheese! It may sound bizarre but honestly, worth a try.

We’re extra excited about Pancake Day this year in the office as the lovely little town of Olney where we’re based hosts a Pancake race that has been running since 1445! Keep an eye out on our Instagram feed next Tuesday 9th February 2016 for a glimpse at this wonderful, English tradition.

Feel like you should stock up on some kitchen essentials to get these delightful pancakes underway? Then we have all you might need, from aprons to mixing bowls, we have a lovely selection, see them all here.

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