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We’re really proud of our lovely hand made ceramics that are exclusively made in the North of England for us.

The Bertie tray and coasters are now back in stock, so we thought we’d talk with our very talented potter who makes each one by hand to get a real idea about the time and skill that goes into making these special products.

Firstly, where do you start the making process?

“So, I begin rolling out the clay to the correct thickness, allowing it to dry slightly. Then using a stencil for both the trays and coasters, I cut each individual shape out.”

What sort of tools do you use to cut the stencils?

“For the trays, I use a tool to carve into the tray to remove excess clay and then smooth it out using a kidney tool, which looks similar to a flat pebble!”


Sounds very intricate! What happens next?

“I let the shapes dry for a few days, sand any rough bits and check for any imperfections. Once I’m happy, they go into the kiln for the first firing for 12 hours.”

First firing? That isn’t the only time they go into the kiln?

“No, after a day of cooling, I take them out and decorate them, add a clear glaze and then stick them back in the kiln for another 13 hours firing. There’s quite a few steps, with a lot of waiting!” 


Indeed, lots of waiting but definitely worth it! The Bertie coasters and trays are so beautifully made and now you know the story behind them, why don’t you treat yourself!


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