Plum & Ashby


Using traditional methods and ingredients, our Seaweed and Shea butter soap is a real treat. This hydrating triple milled and vegetable based soap is kind to your skin. The essential vitamins and mineral elements are nourishing and comforting and the gentle formula ensures it is friendly for sensitive skin. Leave your hands feeling clean and smelling fresh with this soap!


Leave you hands smelling lovely with this triple milled Tea Tree soap. Using traditional ingredients and methods, this soap is smooth and long-lasting. Tea tree is well known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, so this soap will treat your skin beautifully and get rid of all those everyday germs. Our gentle formula means that this soap won’t irritate sensitive skin and is ideal for all the family.

Our Fig soap is made with traditional methods that have been successful for hundreds of years, from a blend Genovese Fig and rich, moisturising shea butter and all the essential oils your skin will love. This soap has been triple milled, meaning it has been through the fragrance process three times, ensuring a long-lasting, luxurious smell and smooth texture.

Made with traditional ingredients, this Green Tea soap will leave your skin feeling beautifully clean and moisturised. Our Green Tea soap is created with traditional luxurious methods and is triple milled for a smooth yet long-lasting result. With nourishing shea butter and essential oils, pamper your skin with this divine smelling soap.


Our long-lasting, smooth Rosemary and Thyme soap uses traditional ingredients that will treat your skin kindly. With a pure vegetable base, this soap also boasts an exfoliating walnut shell which will beautifully moisturise your skin and leave your senses tingling! Spoil your skin with this luxurious soap, we know you won’t be able to resist.

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