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Nautical Mood Board

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Red Online / Flourish Design + Style / World Inside Pictures
We've split the collection into a few categories and here we want to talk about the inspirations and products in our nautical stripe! 
We love to spend time at the seaside and this collection was particularly inspired by last summer in Norfolk. There's nothing better than walking along the sand, admiring the colourful beach huts and daring to dive into the big blue!
We've taken the traditional nautical colours of blue and white and classic seaside stripes and created our very own, P&A style stripe collection!
We wanted to add a pop of colour, so have got a wonderfully bright orange leather handle on our blue striped tote bag which complements each other so well. Match your blue striped tote with our 100% woven cotton make up and wash bags both with a wipeable lining, just perfect for weekends away. 
As well as the lovely, bold blue, we also were inspired by other colours along the seafront so just can't resist our red striped tote bag! Stand out in the crowd, from sunny days to predictably wet British days with your very own P&A tote bag!
Follow these links to get your hands on your stripy blue tote bag, red tote bag and striped wash bag and make up bag!

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