Plum & Ashby

Wooden Boards

We love our new wooden boards that have just arrived from our Spring collection and know you will too!

All the wood has been sourced from sustainable forests. Beech trees are selectively chopped by forestry engineers responsible for the ecology of the forest. They know the forests so well that they are able to choose particular points throughout the year to fell the trees so natural regeneration will occur.
The timber is bought by local communities, which reduces the carbon footprint as they often live next to the forest! Depending on their particular skill set, they hand manufacture a variety of items ensuring that every piece of timber is used.
Hand made by families that have passed the skill set on from generation to generation; each member of the family is involved in the process from cutting and shaping the wood to final hand sanding. 

 One family will make one size board and next door they will make a larger size, together they create a wonderful array of products that are sold as a co-operative. 
We really love this sense of community.
Wood has some advantages over plastic, for example, it is somewhat self-healing so shallow cuts in the wood will close up on their own. Beech is tightly grained and ideal wooden cutting boards. This helps reduce scoring of the surface and absorption of liquid and dirt. 

To make sure your boards stay in lovely condition, don't place them in
 the dishwasher or leave in the sink for too long as the boards will warp and potentially split. To remove those dreaded meat and veg stains, put some lemon juice on the board and rub some rock salt against the wood to clean. This will remove stains and any odours. You could always give the board a light coating of mineral oil too, to treat it a little more. 


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