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We’re really excited about our favourite Instagrammer this week, from admirable table set ups to beautiful shots of her home, we chatted to @adailysomething! Rebecca is a stylist and blogger who shares a glimpse into her life in North Virginia, her feed is filled with wonderful imagery, lovely recipes and everything in between!



She is also the founder of A Daily Gathering. An endeavor dedicated to sharing food, conversation and a chance to learn some new skills. We just wish it wasn’t so far away!

Read about how she edits her photos, gets inspired and would do with an extra hour in her day…


Describe your style in 5 words

Organic, Eclectic, Neutral, Slightly bohemian, Curated Collections




What are the tools you use to create your feed?

I use a mix of iPhone photos and photos from my Canon 5D Mark II. For iPhone pics, I only use the fine-tooth editing in Instagram & don't use filters. For my DLSR photos, I slightly edit them in Lightroom, and then once again when I have them open in Instagram. Using the same editing techniques help to create a more cohesive look!




Who or what inspires you?

I'm inspired by nature and history, and I love to incorporate the two in my work.... That  might be though vintage props (linens, kitchen gadgets), foraged centerpieces, or just using a recipe passed down by my grandmother. 




If you had an extra hour in the day what would you do?

Play outside with my two girls for an extra hour.... We love exploring for fun nature finds and then bringing them inside to learn about them!




What is your personal motto?

Who else should we follow on instagram? Who's your top three? @local_milk - her work is flawless and her brand is so incredibly cohesive; @foxmeetsbear - her feed is full of babies, nature, and gorgeous organic colors; @ruthlielindsay - this girl is unstoppable, her styling is always on point, and she travels everywhere!




Thank you so much, Rebecca! Your feed continues to inspire us and we love to see the little peeks of some of our Plum & Ashby products, too! Go and follow @adailysomething, there's some exciting things happening next month!



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