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Our Favourite Instagrammers


This week, we head over to Sweden and speak to Catrine, aka @catcooee who is our favourite Instagrammer! Her gorgeous Scandinavian style and beautiful photographs of food, fashion and travels are just divine. 

We love Catrine’s bright shots of flowers paired with the round vases that she designs at the Swedish company Cooee based in the south of Sweden. It is a joy to scroll through her feed so it was very tricky to select a handful of her photos! We spoke about editing, inspirations and what she’d do with an extra hour in her day!


Describe your style in 5 words

Elegant, Sophisticated, Colorful, Scandinavian with a softer touch


What are the tools you use to create your feed?

I photograph mostly with a DSLR camera and make the editing in Photoshop or in Photoshop on my iPhone. Sometimes I snap with my iPhone and use different editing apps like Afterlight, PS Express, LD. 


Who or what inspires you?

Daily life is a great inspiration. I think you are surrounded by inspiration and info all day actually and then you filter automatically. But of course things like photography in movies, art, music, the fashion scene, nature especially as I live in a county where its lots of woods and close to lakes, its very calming and beautiful, but I also get much inspiration when I travel a lot in work to cities


If you had an extra hour in the day what would you do?

Two things I really like; yoga or watching a tv-series!


What is your personal motto?

A bit cliche but I like: The sky is the limit!


Who else should we follow on instagram?

So many inspiring accounts out there! But I really love the photography and feed of: @jo_rodgers, @kessara, @katherinedorrington.


Thanks so much Catrine, we’re going to explore those Instagram accounts now! Make sure you go and follow @catcooee, for a slice of pure Scandinavian style!

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