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Read Tea Leaves

Our favourite Instagrammer this week is @readtealeaves! Erin is based over the Atlantic in Brooklyn, NY. Slow, simple and sustainable are the three words that she uses to sum up her gallery and we couldn't agree more!

Erin’s feed is full of happy family moments, simple interiors and Brooklyn brick buildings. As well as perfectly lit and put together photos that make up her beautiful feed, Erin has written a book called Simple Matters. She believes that living simply and purposefully is the best way to create our own happiness, as well as looking out for the environment.

We think it's ideal and really recommend taking a look at Erin’s blog.

Read our chat with Erin below!


Describe your style in 5 words

Simple, spare, sustainable, patented, and purposeful


What are the tools you use to create your feed?

I edit photos using VSCO. 


Who or what inspires you?

I draw inspiration from a lot of different places, but I probably feel most consistently inspired by taking long walks outside. I love the stories that streets and buildings tell us about the human experience, and I love the way I feel with on the sun on my face. Its gets the ideas flowing.


If you had an extra hour in the day what would you do?

Exercise! Most of the exercise I get during the week comes in the form of hurriedly rushing from place to place. I'd be thrilled with a little devoted time to just move without a destination in mind!


What is your personal motto?

I write in the introduction to my book, Simple Matters, that "life isn't always simple, but the curtains can be" and I've kind of adopted that as my de facto motto.


Who else should we follow on instagram? Who's your top three?

So many good ones out there! I'm endlessly impressed by people who manage to curate a super aesthetically consistent feed—Krissy O'Shea of @cottagefarm comes to mind! I also love following folks who show their process. I love Maryjo Hoffman's site STILL, and I love that she posts part of her process for that creative work on Instagram feed (@maryjohoffman). I'm also really inspired by the feeds of folks doing something interesting or out of the ordinary. Courtney Adamo's feed (@courtneyadamo) documenting her year of adventuring with her family has been a joy for me to follow lately.


Thanks so much Erin! Make sure you get a slice of Brooklyn and simple beauty in your day and follow @readtealeaves

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