Plum & Ashby

Plum & Ashby's Best Kept Secret!

Have you tried our best kept secret yet?
We think that our bath and body products, all made in the UK from natural ingredients, essential oils with no parabens and dermatologically tested, are wonderful! From Seaweed & Samphire which will evoke fresh memories of the sea to Green Fig & Lavender that will relax and unwind you! 
But why should you just take our word for it?!
So, we've asked a few bloggers who already have tried and tested our body lotions and washes, bath salts and candles, what they think about the products...

“The Green Fig & Lavender lotion was quickly absorbed and left my skin feeling soft and soothed. I loved the subtle fragrance, which lingered for hours afterwards." - Abi, These Four Walls Blog

"Being a huge fan of products that favour natural ingredients, I immediately fell in love with the Seaweed & Samphire hand products. They feel great on your hands, the scent is light and refreshing and what's more, for an interior magpie, they make your washstand or bathroom sink look great!" - Jessica, Blogger and Journalist

“Their selection of bath & body products is incredible! Our favourite is the Green Fig & Lavender Hand Cream" - Rebecca, A Daily Something

"They smell totally delicious!" - Emma, A Quiet Style 

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