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Bertie Print

When Bertie, our naughty little Fox Terrier, joined the Plum & Ashby team in 2012, he very quickly became an inspiration for the collection because of his cheeky charm and loving being the centre of attention! 
He came along to the first photo shoot and it was clear that he was a natural in front of the camera! Ever since, his great character and loveable face has influenced the designs.
Vicky said, "Any dog lover will recognise the poses in the print, they are reflective of exactly what Bertie does! He's a playful and inquisitive dog, just like some of these pictures I've taken show!"


His cheeky face adds a touch of fun suited to any home, with classic P&A style!

Bertie Print Apron, £25

Bertie Print Hot Water Bottle, £30

Bertie Print Oven Glove, £16 

Bertie Print Tea Towel, £10

Bertie Print Deck Chair, £85

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