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Bathe in lavender

Bathe in lavender

Lavender has been proven to have amazing results to help relax and calm the mind and body, especially when inhaled. Treat yourself to our bath salts and essence as a luxurious addition in every bath.       
Create your own luxury spa in the comfort of your own home with our calming Bath Salts. If you sprinkle a few of these under running water, you will experience a room filled instantly with fresh French Lavender. Treat yourself and immerse in this highly moisturising and most relaxing bath. The beauty of the bath salts are that they naturally cleanse the skin, like when swimming in the big blue sea, and ensure there is no drying or irritation of the skin. 

Our new Lavender Essence, is full of natural ingredients that pamper your skin, a combination of two beautiful oils, coconut and of course, lavender. The combination of these oils and ingredients when poured into running water will delight your senses. Soothing marigold is also a lovely part of this essence and alongside the Lavender, this oil will completely relax and ease your mind and body as well as leave your skin super soft and smooth. 

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