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This Is Jules

This week our favourite instagrammer is @thisisjules. From wonderfully bright doorways to beautiful collections of flowers, all shot in an intriguingly rustic style. Jules' perfect styling, eye for complimentary colours and gorgeous compositions is a recipe for beauty and story for everyday. 
Jules also has a lovely blog where she shares all the joys of motherhood, items she's coveting (where we've been featured! Click here to read more!) and lots of other lovely content that is a pleasure to read. 
Read our chat with Jules below to find out even more!
Describe your style in 5 words
Lifestyle, landscapes, lattes and littles.
What are the tools you use to create your feed? (Do you snap on your iPhone? Perhaps you use an app to filter first?)
I use the native camera of my iPhone 6 for taking photos. I then tweak either solely with instagram’s editing tools (though not their filters) or with the VSCO app where my filter of choice is F2. Sometimes I combine the two.
Who or what inspires you?
My baby boy Oscar inspires me to want to better myself and to enjoy the small moments, the moments that before (he was here) I might have just lived through without a second thought. And my husband inspires me to be kind and have patience. They are two of his best qualities - and I could do with the latter rubbing off on me… my patience wears thin generally.  
If you had an extra hour in the day what would you do?
I’d spend it snuggled in bed snoozing with my husband James and Oscar. The days are too short and fast and when I’m apart from them that is what I long for.
What is your personal motto?
To treat others how I want to be treated, but to try not to hold it against those who don’t do me the same courtesy. I know the former part of that is a bit an old clichéd saying – but it’s something that has always stuck in my head from being young and I think it’s made me a nicer person as a result. It’s also made me a more sensitive one – hence the second part of that sentence.
Who else should we follow on instagram? Who's your top three?
@huntersandheels, because no one does life, love and lipstick with as much class and loveliness as Lauren! She is a mama, blogger and total beauty – inside and out. Her bright and dreamy feed capturing snippets from her 9-5 working adventures and family life will leave you wanting to pack up your bags and move into her drop dead gorgeous house in Cheshire.
Fashion blogger @sallyfazeli gives both style and substance with her thoroughly lovely and seamlessly cohesive feed of white backdrops, urban and coastal landscapes and her scrummy baby boy, Hugo. And while Sally herself is a bit of dreamboat that will give you major hair goals and wardrobe envy to boot, she’s also one of the biggest hearted instagrammers you could wish to happen upon.
Mark my words @hannah.straughan’s account is one to watch, her feed just gets lovelier by the day. She’s also a sweetheart which definitely helps!
I know you said three but please can I have four? Laura of @circleofpines’s instagram is right up my street with images full of flowers, landscapes and delicious baked goods on table tops. She also has a beautiful blog and deputy edits the stunning @91magazine, she’s a keeper!
Thanks so much for your lovely answers Jules! Now go and follow @thisisjules!
Jul 12, 2016

What a fabulous interview, and gorgeous image selection.

Jules is an amazing instagrammer.

Congrats on this feature Jules – very well deserved.

Elaine Taylor

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