Scent Stories

Smell is quite an incredible sense. Not only does it have the ability to relax us, make us happy and add a delightful scent in any room, it is also amazing at transporting you back to a different place or time altogether. 
And this is the fact that amazes us the most about our sense of smell, its power of reliving our memories. If you didn't know already, the sense of smell is one of our senses that is most closely linked to our memory.  So, that is where our Scent Stories come in.
We are often interested by comments made about the fragrances in our scented candles, washes and lotions and how they tend to make people think about somewhere they've been or someone they know.
"This smells exactly like my mum's perfume she wore when I was younger!" 
"Wow, this takes me back to skiing in France and enjoying a mulled wine next to an open fire."
"This reminds me so much of my last summer holiday, sipping cocktails and watching the sunset!"
So, we've put together a few little Scent Stories about our fragrances and the feelings, moments and places they conjure up for us. Explore and enjoy...
We find it fascinating that every scent means different things to everyone and every scent, once acknowledged by our noses, can immediately take us back to specific moment in our memory.  Where do our fragrances take you? We'd love to know, so please share with us!